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> 22-06-2016

New MELODY2 cassette

Designed for tertiary sector heating and cooling, in renovation or new build projects, the MELODY2 hydraulic cassette is a plug & play solution for installation in suspended ceilings.

 MELODY2 is a 4-way cassette equipped with a 230V AC motor, available in a choice of 2 models: 

  • Model 600 including 3 sizes, available with a 2-tube, 4-tube or 2-tube + 2-wire coil
  • Model 900 including 3 sizes available with a 2-tube or 2-tube + 2-wire coil, and 2 sizes available with a 4-tube coil

This new cassette combines the advantages of low cost installation and centralised hot/chilled water production with an individual temperature control.

 Main specifications of MELODY2

  • Return/supply air grille covering the suspended ceiling supports to facilitate installation.
  • Manual directional deflectors (3 positions) allowing uniform diffusion of air throughout the room with the option to close one or two deflectors to adapt the air flow to the configuration of the room.
  • Casing with integrated precut fresh air holes (Ø 70mm for size 600 and Ø 100mm for size 900) and supply air holes in the adjacent room (150mm)
  • Easy access to the electrics box containing the connection terminals
  • Condensate drain pump with overflow prevention as standard, fitted on anti-vibration mounts.
  • Recovery of condensates from the valves via an auxiliary pan supplied as standard
  • Low pressure drop coil, equipped with protective caps
  • Washable polypropylene filter, efficiency class EU1 (EN13779)
  • Balanced centrifugal impeller with airfoil blades


The MELODY2 cassette is EUROVENT certified.

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