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How is CIAT complying with the General Data Protection Regulation – the GDPR?

Our company is committed to protecting the Personal Data of our customers, partners and employees. We wants to assist you in complying with the GDPR. We understand that you, as end-users, shoulder the primary responsibility for collecting, processing and managing Personal Data.

We developed a GDPR Action Plan including:

–  managing how we collect, process and share Personal Data

– sharing proper privacy notices to explain the details

– implementing compliant contract clauses for processing and sharing Personal Data

– adopting Binding Corporate Rules (BCRs), the gold standard for data protection, to protect the international transfer of Personal Data – you can find our BCRs here [link: ]

– using Privacy by Design and Privacy by Default in product and service development

–  all supported by a global network of Data Privacy experts to make GDPR compliance easier

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Click to download UTC’s Response to the GDPR, our GDPR Action Plan, and our Partner Certification Statement.