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infant and primary schools

Primary requirements


  • indoor spaces that are heated and comfortable in the winter
  • a supply of fresh air that has been purified of infectious particles and toxic, carcinogenic and mutagenic substances
  • a reliable and efficient preparer for heating and domestic hot water
  • a ventilation system with efficient heat recovery




Our optimal solution


  • an Aquaciat 2 high energy efficiency heat pump
  • a Sani 300 l domestic hot water preparer
  • a Floway dual-flow air handling unit equipped with a high efficiency heat recovery unit and a Floway Classic hygienic filtration system
  • a HEE Major Line  energy efficient comfort unit
  • a 400 l mixing tank with backup auxiliary electric heater
  •  Microconnect, CIAT’s intuitive and easy-to-use control module

Aquaciat 2

Ballon Sani 300 l

Major line