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 Multi-bloc air handling units

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Range :

Available in 11 models.

Operating range :
Air flow rates of 1,000 to 60,000 m³/h

Use :

Hygiene-grade air handling unit designed for use in dust-controlled areas, healthcare environments and, more specifically, operating theatres (meets EN 13053).

Description :

  • Double-skin casing with 50 mm long-fibre mineral wool insulation, peripheral frame ensures hygienic ventilation, internal and external panels coated with RAL 7035 finish, smooth internal walls without protruding screws as required by EN 13053
  • Flat or sloped stainless steel bottom
  • Inward-opening doors placed downstream of fan, double-groove doors lined with EPDM gaskets, offset hinges, handles with latches made from composite materials
  • Large square inspection window as required by EN 13053, dual seal provided by a one-piece boot
  • At least one removable panel per functional section as required by EN 13053, standard access panel on functional sections requiring maintenance
  • Filter efficiency: G2 to H14 or activated carbon. International dimensions. Filter mounted on compressable runners. Universal or large-media frame with pressure tappings on each filtration stage. Filter assembly adapted to each filtration stage. Filter class F9 in accordance with EN 13053
  • Ultra-high unit filtration requirements (bag-type HEPA filter in large-media frame)
  • Hygiene-grade stainless steel condensate drain pan (sloped on all four sides), does not touch sloped coil as required by EN 13053
  • Hot-water or cold-water coils with threaded connections as standard (up to 3") and airtight sealing flanges, thermal break between casing and tubes, electric heater
  • Plug fans with high-efficiency airfoil blades, air flow control and internal flexible connection sleeve
  • Fitted with cable gland for electrical power supply
  • Steam humidifier
  • Class 3 damper
  • Special manufacturing and packing procedure: cleaned, sealed and packed in accordance with French healthcare facilities standard NF S
  • The AIRCLEAN range meets the requirements of European standards EN 1886 and EN 13053 and is manufactured at CIAT's ISO 9001 certified facilities.

> advantages
  • Designed to meet the contamination control requirements in healthcare facilities
  • Controlled environments: meets the requirements of French standard NF S 90-351 for healthcare facilities and EN ISO 14644 for cleanrooms and pharmaceutical GMPs (good manufacturing practices). More specifically, it meets the requirements of EN 13053, particularly section 7 (extended hygiene requirements)
  • Designed to meet the most stringent demands of new-generation processes (2A mechanical strength, B air leakage, F9 filter bypass leakage, T2 thermal transmittance, designed to EN 13053 and EN 1886, EUROVENT certification)
  • High-quality solutions and materials, unlimited modularity
  • Completely smooth internal walls, all functional sections are easy to clean and disinfect
  • Hygiene-grade stainless steel condensate drain as standard
  • Baffles covered with non-fray cloth as standard
  • Pressure doors fitted upstream and downstream of fan as standard, panels coated with RAL 7035 finish
  • Double-glazed inspection window available
  • Leakage: Class 3 dampers (EN 1751) as standard. Class 4 dampers available on request
  • Fan operation optimised and casing panels designed for whisper-quiet operation
  • Air cleaned by new-generation filters, with innovative concepts in molecular and biological filtration used, easy disinfection
  • Wide selection of humidifiers for controlled humidity
  • All functions can be adapted to any space and location requirements

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