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 Multi-bloc air handling units

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Range :

Available in 11 models.

Operating range :
Air flow rate of 1,000 to 66,000 m3/h

Use :

Air handling unit designed to meet the various mixing, filtration, heating, cooling, dehumidification, humidification, ventilation, recovery and sound attenuation needs in commercial, industrial and healthcare applications. Available as a horizontal unit for indoor installation or outdoor installation with canopy and protective accessories. Every model in the range may be ordered as single or dual path.

Description :

  • Double-skin casing with 50 mm long fibre mineral wool insulation reinforced with bonded glass fibre cloth, peripheral frame or stainless steel support legs, depending on size, two-tone galvanised steel twin-wall panels, smooth internal walls without protruding screws as required by EN 13053
  • At least one removable panel per functional section as required by EN 13053, standard access panel on functional sections requiring maintenance
  • Filter efficiency: G4, F6 to F9, H10 to H14 or activated carbon. International dimensions. Filter mounted on compressible runners. Stainless steel universal or large-media frame with pressure tappings on each filtration stage. Filter class F9 in accordance with EN 13053
  • Lift-off doors on offset hinges, twist-lock latches made of composite materials, polyamide handles, large square inspection window as required by EN 13053
  • Sloped stainless steel condensate drain pan as required by EN 13053
  • Hot water or cold water coils with standard threaded connections (up to 3") and airtight sealing flanges, thermal break between casing and tubes, electric heater
  • Motor mounted on self-guided bracket, with belt idler, three types of fan (LP, MP and plug), mounted on anti-vibration frame, flexible internal connection sleeve between fan and casing
  • Fitted with cable gland for electrical power supply
  • Adiabatic or steam humidifier
  • Damper, single air intake, two-way mixing, three-way economiser, opposing blades, leakage class of dampers ensured by gaskets at the ends of the louvres and a continuous gasket along the side
  • Heat recovery unit with exchange coils, plates, heat pipe or wheel, sound attenuator
  • The AIRTECH range meets the requirements for European standards EN 1886 and EN 13053 and is manufactured in CIAT's ISO 9001 certified facilities.


> advantages
  • Designed in accordance with EN 13053 and EN 1886: T2 thermal transmittance, TB2 thermal bridging, 2A mechanical strength, B casing leakage, F9 filter bypass leakage. Meets the fan mechanical safety requirement. EUROVENT certified. Manufactured in ISO 9001 certified facilities. Screws do not protrude from internal walls
  • Complete range with a wide spectrum of flow rates and several options
  • Double-skin galvanised steel panels, two-tone coating, class B air leakage, with optional polyurethane or epoxy coating on the outside and inside
  • Two cell sizes with international dimensions. Can be used throughout the range
  • Airtight rubber flanges on hydraulic connection ports
  • Handles made of glass fibre-reinforced polyamide with twist-lock latches (temperature range: -40°C to +80°C). Hinged door on offset hinges or lift-off door
  • Compressible rails on counterframe with peripheral gasket to ensure maximum prefiltration integrity, high-efficiency unit filtration, double leakage barrier, separated panels
  • Sloped condensate drain pan
  • Motor mounted on self-aligned bracket, with belt idler, fan motor assembly on spring-loaded supports
  • Easy maintenance: upstream and downstream pressure tappings and easy access (coils, droplet eliminator, fan motor assemblies, etc.)
  • Efficiency, air quality and optimum comfort




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