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Range :

15 models available
- ILD: Reversible heating and cooling without hydraulic system
- ILDC:  Reversible heating and cooling with hydraulic system,
without tank
- ILDH: Reversible heating and cooling with complete hydraulic system and tank

Operating range :
Cooling capacity: 20 to 170 kW
Heating capacity: 20 to 180 kW

Use :

Medium-capacity air / water heat pump for heating and cooling of residential buildings, businesses, industrial facilities and healthcare facilities. May be connected to emitters such as underfloor heating and cooling systems, terminal units (such as fan coil units and water cassettes) or air handling units. Designed as standard for outdoor installation without any special weather protection.

The range has been optimised to use ozone-friendly HFC R410A refrigerant. The use of this refrigerant guarantees compliance with the most demanding requirements for  environmental protection and increased seasonal energy efficiency (ESEER).

Description :

  • R-410A refrigerant
  • Compact, space-efficient unit
  • Fully encased in a housing constructed of coated metal panels that can be detached for outdoor installation
  • One or two independent refrigerant circuits
  • One to four new-generation, high-efficiency scroll compressors
  • Placed on anti-vibration mounts
  • Water-cooled brazed-plate heat exchanger
  • One to four propeller fans
  • User-friendly CONNECT microprocessor-based controller with many self-regulating functions
  • Communication with BMS via an RS-485 interface (Modbus/Jbus) as standard - LON optional)

> advantages
  • Excellent energy efficiency: high-efficiency refrigerant and high-performance exchangers and compressors
  • Uses an environmentally friendly, non-ozone-depleting refrigerant
  • Very low sound level, zero vibrations
  • Easy installation: compact dimensions
  • Quick installation: delivered ready-to-run, easy hydraulic connections
  • Electrical power supply without a neutral conductor: space provided in cabinet for transformer
  • Easy maintenance: clearly-labelled information and easily-detachable panels provide access to all internal components
  • Designed for continuous operation in all climates and for all applications
  • Quick delivery: many items in stock and largest models manufactured quickly
  • Versatile control, remote communication, output contacts, intuitive user interface



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