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 Multi-bloc air handling units

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Range :

9 sizes available


Operating range :
Air flow rates of 1.000 to 30.000 m³/h

Use :

Air handling unit designed for industrial applications and clean rooms (plastics processing, automobile and pharmaceutical industries, laboratories, hospital sector, microelectronics). This range covers all air handling needs and features the latest technological developments in terms of ultra-cleanliness.

Description :

  • Double-skin casing with 50 mm long-fibre mineral wool insulation reinforced by a welded fibreglass membrane, peripheral frame. Double-skin panels in galvanized steel (internal and external) with cured powder paint smooth, RAL 9010 coating, smooth internal walls and devoid of protruding screws in accordance with EN 13053
  • Flat or sloped stainless steel bottom (option)
  • Several paint options or grades of stainless steel available for exterior and interior.
  • At least one removable panel per function in accordance with EN 13053, access panel on functions requiring maintenance
  • Doors with metal fittings equipped with handles, slow closing on the exterior, completely smooth on the interior.
  • G2 to H14 efficiency filters and activated carbon molecular filtration solution with several technology options: compact, rigid dihedral, flexible bags.
    International standard size cells for easy maintenance or specific dimensions for energy optimisation.
  • Different types of filter assemblies are available: traditional tracks, compressible tracks or universal frame or large-media frames or stainless steel or painted mechanically welded filter plate with pressure tappings on each filtration stage, class F9 in accordance with EN 13053
  • Hot water or cold water coils with standard threaded connections up to 2"1/2; above this dimension, quick grooved couplings and cross-pipe sealing flanges.
  • 316L stainless steel sloped condensate drain pan without water retention or specific hygiene solutions.
  • Plug fans with high-efficiency airfoil blades and internal flexible connection sleeve with air flow control
  • Fitted with cable gland for electrical power supply
  • Steam humidifier with electrodes or resistors or adiabatic.
  • Damper, single air intake, 2-way mixing, 3-way economiser, opposing blades, airtightness on the damper by seals at the end of the blades and by a continuous lateral seal.
  • Heat recovery unit with transfer coils or plates or wheel.
  • Sound attenuator with non-shedding glass fibre.
  • Control unit assembled and tested in the factory.
  • Several components are available in stainless steel: casing, internal and external panels, tracks, frames, coil and baffle panels, dampers, droplet separator, etc.

> advantages
  • Excellent quality/price ratio thanks to standardised and automated series production and optimised on-site installation prepared in the factory.
  • Easy commissioning with ready-to-use built-in control.
  • Optimal air quality and comfort thanks to the filtration, exchanger and fan solutions available
  • High performance and energy savings thanks to the components used
  • Leakage: Class 3 dampers (EN 1751) as standard. Class 4 dampers available on request
  • Fan operation optimised and casing panels designed for whisper-quiet operation
  • Air cleaned by new-generation filters, with innovative concepts in molecular and biological filtration used, easy disinfection
  • Durable and easy to maintain thanks to adjustable fittings on doors for filters, coils, droplet separator, fan motor assemblies
  • Health safety thanks to the sloped condensate drain pan without water retention and filter control with pressure tappings on each stage installed in the factory.
  • Adaptable thanks to a fully modular system for better space management
  • EUROVENT certification, ISO 9001 manufacturing, in accordance with EN 1886 and EN 13053 standards
  • Controlled environment in accordance with NF S 90-351 standards for health establishments and NF EN ISO 14644 for clean rooms and associated controlled environments and GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) governing the pharmaceutical industry, it meets the requirements of standard EN 13053, and in particular chapter 7 "hygiene requirements"