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Range :

  • Available in 7 sizes
  • 2-pipe, 4-pipe and 2-pipe/2-wire applications.
  • “Visual” Coandă effect diffuser, 180° or 360° outlet.
  • Epure filtration.
  • Air flow rate 230 to 700 m3/h

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Operating range :
Heating capacity: 2 kW to 10 kW
Cooling capacity : 1 to 16 kW
Débit d'air de 200 à 700 m3/h

Use :

Active comfort unit on water loop, which can be integrated in suspended ceiling. Enables the room temperature to be adjusted independently and individually to suit occupants’ preferences, with very short response times. Intended for offices, open spaces, meeting rooms, shop units and entrance halls.

> advantages
  • Use of an ecological and sustainable heat-transfer medium.
  • Individual control of indoor temperature.
  • Responsive system.
  • Broad capacity range.
  • 180° or 360° Coanda effect air diffusion for total coverage, to manage the thermal phenomena that can cause discomfort.
  • Acoustic comfort.
  • Epure purification function for optimum indoor air quality.
  • Energy optimisation:
    • High Energy Efficiency (HEE) motor.
    • Epure filter.
    • Optimised water coil.
  • Facilitates room modularity (Flexiway).
  • Gravity condensate drain, avoiding the use of an extraction pump.
  • Elegant and modern design for seamless insertion.
  • Ecologically responsible product.

Technologies used

VISUAL Coanda effect diffuser

The single-slit peripheral air outlet has a slim opening and specific internal profile to increase the initial speed of the air leaving the diffuser. The high speed of the air stream induces a negative pressure which “sticks” it to the ceiling (thereby avoiding direct air flow onto the occupants) and an induction phenomenon which attracts the ambient air and re-injects it into the stream of air. The mixing rate and the range and coverage of the air stream are improved, reducing the thermal phenomena (residual air speed, asymmetric temperatures, radiation from walls, and so on) that cause discomfort in occupied spaces.

Epure purification function 

This function entails a protected stream of air between return and supply, a pleated low pressure drop filter for removing 2.5 µm fine particulates suspended in the air, and optimised 180° or 360° Coandă effect diffusion to ensure full coverage of the space to be conditioned.

HEE motor

Brushless motor (rotor with permanent magnet and electronic switching). By reducing the moving parts and using an electronic unit to control the speed via either a 0-10 V signal or a 3-speed on/off system, electrical consumption is reduced by as much as 80%, the motor service life and dependability are increased and the operating settings correspond closely to customer needs.

Flexiway system

Provides enhanced flexibility when reorganising partitions in order to reduce service costs. Can be adapted perfectly to new configurations (offices or open space) without needing to replace comfort units. Based on a single-format housing, Flexiway enables the Visual 180° and 360° diffusers to be swapped between units already in place, quickly and without tools. If the site to be modified has only one model of diffuser, the required model can be ordered separately and is supplied individually in protective packaging.

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