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Hysys is a packaged system solution for office buildings, hotels or retirement homes, can be tailored to the specific needs of each project. Whether it be a new building which must strictly comply with RT 2012, a renovation project following the redesign of interior spaces or one aiming to improve energy performance, everything is possible with Hysys®.

Description :


From 200 to 50,000 m², there is a Hysys® solution for all applications

In single buildings, semi-detached buildings in business parks or in High Rise Buildings, the modularity of the Hysys® system solution on water loop allows it to adapt to all configurations.

  • Greater comfort

Because they are tailored to each application, Hysys active comfort units guarantee the well-being of occupants more effectively. These integrated, silent solutions with their Coandaeffect diffusion also reduce consumption levels.

  • Improved indoor air quality

The Epure function (exclusive to CIAT), which is integrated into Hysys comfort units, ensures optimal Indoor Air Quality by reducing particulates. Well-being, health and hygiene are guaranteed.

  • Greater energy efficiency

With heat pumps offering a high coefficient of performance, dual-flow heat recovery air handling units and High Energy Efficiency (HEE) comfort units, Hysys lowers buildings' energy consumption levels.

3 performances to select the best system solution

The major advantages of the Hysys energy system complement each other according to the priorities of each project in terms of comfort, Indoor Air Quality and energy optimisation. 3 progressive performance levels are possible:

  • Comfort: combines the benefits of the water loop with V30 terminals
  • HEE comfort:adds High Energy Efficiency technologies integrated into the heat pump, the comfort units and the air handling unit as well as the centralised regulation Easy CIATControl associated with V3000 terminals
  • HEP comfort: integrates exclusive Epure filtration, sensor-controlled CO2 management and Smart CIATControl centralised regulation with V3000 terminals

HYSYS POWER: enhanced energy optimisation for high capacity installations

For installations over 500 kW, CIAT offers a Hysys Power configuration, including an energy system which significantly reduces consumption levels, lowers carbon emissions and anticipates future environmental regulations. The concept? To produce heating or cooling when energy costs are lower, store this is a Cristopia tank with PCM nodules exclusive to CIAT, so that it can be circulated without operating the heat pumps, when energy is more expensive. Hysys Power also features drycoolers to provide Free cooling and high capacity air source or geothermal heat pumps.

> advantages

Hysys, the advantages of the water loop

Using water, the best heat transfer fluid, Hysys establishes itself as a real alternative to direct expansion systems by offering tangible benefits:

  • Comfort:
    Water ensures progressiveness and precise comfort for the occupants.
  • Energy efficiency:
    the homogeneity and the thermal stability of water reduce the energy requirements for transferring heat.
  • Ecology:
    no refrigerant on the premises, only a minimal amount in the heat pump outside the buildings' occupied spaces (-70% compared with direct expansion equipment).
  • Simplicity:
    Hysys does not require the services of refrigerant specialists during installation.
  • Highly modular:
    Hysys adapts more easily to buildings' configurations and to developments in spaces and surface areas.



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