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air-to-water heat pump to back-up a boiler

Energy savings in existing homes


  • The installation of an AQUALIS 2 heat pump when used alongside a boiler cuts annual energy bills practically in half without compromising on comfort.
  • The efficient control system automatically switches between the heat pump and the boiler depending on the outdoor temperature.
  • The dual-energy system can be installed with any type of conventional gas or fuel-oil heating system.
  • Microconnect control terminal

The intuitive and user-friendly control terminal allows you to display and select operating modes and access operating settings at any time.

It features a programmable weekly timer and allows you to set up to two temperature setpoints (comfort and economy). Heat pump load shedding and forced boiler operation are possible via an external contact (timer, clock).

  • Reversible heat pump
    Aqualis 2 is an all-in-one system that offers high flexibility of use and can be installed in many different configurations. Factory tested and delivered with all the necessary hydraulic equipment, simply hook it up and it is ready to use.

aqualis 2 heat pump+
visuel_chaudiere.jpg= 100% of heating needs covered

  • Total comfort guaranteed:
    This combination covers all heating needs regardless of external weather conditions.
  • System advantages
    Because the boiler is turned on only when the weather turns very cold (a few days in total), significantly less fuel oil or gas is used and heating bills are lower.
  • Energy savings
    The only electrical energy the heat pump needs is electricity to run the compressor. At an outdoor temperature of 0°C, Aqualis 2 produces 3 kW of free heating for 1 kW of power consumed.