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300L DHW tank

DHW tank heat pump CIAT

  • Mixed domestic water heater

  • 300L capacity

  • 50mm polyurethane insulation

  • 3kW auxiliary electrical heater

  • Compliant with directive 97/23/CE for pressurised equipment

Advantages of 300L DHW

  • Compatible with most of our air/water and water/water heat pumps
  • Programmable over 2 x 2-hour cycles
  • Savings of up to 70%!

Connected to one of CIAT's compatible heat pumps, the SANI300L guarantees the entire production of domestic hot water. It meets the needs of the whole family and keeps its budget low. This powerful dual energy water heater has been designed to operate with a heat pump and supply a constant temperature whatever the outdoor conditions.

Compatible CIAT heat pumps:  Aquaciat Caleo, GeoCIATTM Access, GeoCIATTM Modular, Ereba, Yuna II.

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