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AQUACIAT 2 air/water heat pump

aquaciat 2 heat pump  
  • Single unit configuration

  • Water outlet temperature up to +55°C

  • Reversible

  • New housing or boiler backup

  • Operates at temperatures down to -15°C

  • For large homes
 Eurovent CIAT heating pump

Advantages of Aquaciat 2 heat pump

  • A heat pump for large homes (large spaces and small collective accommodation)
  • This heat pump supplies an underfloor heating system or fan coil unit with ease for NEW housings
  • Provides backup for the boiler without having to change the installation for RENOVATIONS

Aquaciat 2 is a reversible air/water heat pump designed for external installation. Ideal for new housing and adapted for boiler backup, Aquaciat 2 heat pump supplies hot water for underfloor heating systems, fan coil units etc....

Thanks to our powerful Connect2 controller, Aquaciat 2 offers optimum comfort all year round!

The High Power heat pump

  • COP > 3.7
  • Regulation according to water properties
  • Hot water outlet temperature up to +55°C

Technical aspects

  • 5 models
  • Heating capacity from 21 to 42 kW
  • Cooling capacity from 20 to 40 kW
  • 400V three phase 50Hz
  • Operating limits -15°C/+45°C
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