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AQUACIAT CALEO air/water heat pump

aquaciat caleo heat pump
  • Single unit configuration

  • EVI compressor

  • High temperature +65°C

  • Heating only

  • Boiler backup or replacement

  • Operates at temperatures down to -20°C


domestic hot water high temperature picto

Advantages of Aquaciat Caleo heat pump

  • A heat pump for large renovated homes (large spaces and small collective accommodation)
  • This heat pump replaces the boiler without having to change the installation
  • This heat pump operates with underfloor heating system and low and high temperature radiators
  • Optional: produces domestic hot water and preheats swimming pools

Aquaciat Caleo heat pump is the first high temperature air/water heat pump designed for large homes or small collective accommodation. Ideal for replacing or providing backup for a boiler, this heat pump supplies hot water for the different emitters and unlimited domestic hot water! (SANI300L)

Thanks to our powerful µConnect controller, Aquaciat Caleo offers programmable and adapted comfort all year round!

The 1st High Temperature heat pump specially designed for large spaces!

  • COP > 4
  • Regulation according to water properties
  • Weekly programming (comfort or economy mode, DHW cycles, etc...)
  • Hot water outlet temperature at +65°C down to external temperature of -12°C

Technical aspects:

  • 4 models
  • Heating capacity from 25 to 50 kW
  • 400V three phase 50Hz
  • Operating limits -20°C/+45°C

Download the sales documentation

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