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DYNACIAT water/water heat pump

 Dynaciat heat pump


  • Single unit configuration

  • Water outlet temperature up to +55°C

  • Reversible

  • New installation or boiler backup

  • On groundwater loops, vertical or horizontal loops


Eurovent CIAT heating pump

Advantages of Dynaciat heat pump

  • A heat pump for large homes (large spaces and small collective accommodation)
  • This heat pump supplies an underfloor heating system or fan coil unit with ease for NEW housings
  • This heat pump provides backup for the boiler without having to change the installation for RENOVATIONS

Dynaciat is a reversible water/water heat pump designed for internal or sheltered installation. Ideal for new housing projects and adapted to boiler backup in large homes, this heat pump supplies hot water for underfloor heating systems, fan coil units and radiators, etc.

Thanks to our powerful µConnect controller, Dynaciat offers adapted comfort and energy savings all year round!

The geothermal heat pump for large homes

  • COP > 5.5
  • Regulation according to water properties
  • Weekly programming (comfort or economy mode, etc...)
  • Hot water outlet temperature up to +55°C

Technical aspects

  • 5 models
  • Heating capacity from 41 to 106 kW
  • Cooling capacity from 30 to 77 kW
  • 400V three phase 50Hz

Download the sales documentation

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