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EREBA air/water heat pump

 EREBA air/water heat pump

  • DC Inverter technology

  • Water outlet temperature up to +60°C

  • Reversible

  • Ideal for boiler backup operation
 pompe à chaleur chauffage 60°C
 NFPAC*  Eurovent

The EREBA is a single unit reversible air-to-water heat pump. Simple, reliable and efficient, it supplies low- to medium-temperature emitters down to an outdoor temperature of -20°C. Designed for outdoor installation, the EREBA is the ideal heat pump for boiler backup operation in existing individual homes.

Thanks to its Inverter DC technology, the EREBA offers excellent certified energy and acoustic performance.

The EREBA range

  • 7 models
  • Heating capacity from 4 to 15 kW
  • Cooling capacity from 5 to 16 kW
  • 230V Single phase and 400V Three phase 50Hz
  • Heating mode operating limits -20°C/+30°C
  • Hot water outlet temperature up to +60°C
  • NFPAC certified COP up to 4.2

Technical aspects of EREBA

  • Reversible, ideal for cooling in summer
  • Remote control terminal with quick access to main functions
  • Pre-configured water law

Download the NFPAC certificate

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