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GeoCIAT Access glycol water/glycol water heat pump

heat pump GeoCIAT Access  
  • Ultra-compact design

  • GeoCooling  (passive cooling)

  • Water outlet temperature up to +62°C

  • Individual new housing
domestic hot water Geo cooling  

The GeoCIATTM Access  heat pump

  • GeoCIATTM Access supplies underfloor heating systems, fan coil units and low temperature radiators
  • GeoCooling captures the coolness trapped in the ground during the summer period.

GeoCIATTM Access provides hot water up to 62°C, thereby meeting needs of underfloor heating systems, fan coil units and radiators in individual new housing. Rendering more than 4 times the primary energy consumed, it is one of the most efficient heat pumps on the market. GeoCIATTM Access features the latest generation of components enabling it to reach à certified COP of 4.16. The GeoCIATTM Access is particularly quiet, with a maximum sound level of 26dB(A) which is equivalent to the noise generated by the most recent household appliances.

The GeoCIATTM Access heat pump is compatible with the different types of collection; vertical,  horizontal or groundwater loop (an additional ITEX AGEO+ is required for installation on a groundwater loop).

Thanks to its efficient HomeConnect control, the GeoCIATTM Access heat pump provides unmatched comfort. The control station placed in the living area enables different weekly heating and domestic hot water programmes to be controlled. HomeConnect also displays the weather tendency, the outdoor temperature and monitors the consumption of the GeoCIATTM Access heat pump. All wire-free, as HomeConnect is a radio IO Homecontrol® control.

GeoCIATTM Access,  ideal for new projects

  • Certified COP up to 4.16 at 0/-3°C 30/35°C
  • Weekly programming of heating and domestic hot water
  • Absence mode with possibility to anticipate return
  • Ultra-silent operation: sound level below 28 dB(A)
  • Variable speed energy class A accelerator pump (primary and secondary)

Technical aspects of the GeoCIATTM Access heat pump

  • 1 model
  • Water outlet temperature up to +62°C
  • Heating capacity 4.7kW
  • 230V 1-phase
  • 2 accelerator pumps and 1 integrated expansion vessel


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