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GeoCIAT Modular brine/water heat pump

heat pump GeoCIAT Modular  
  • Indoor heat pump

  •  Invisible options for an aesthetics thermal installation

  •  Water temperature outlet until +62°C

  •  For existing or new housing
CIAT heat pump    

Overview of the GeoCIATTM Modular heat pump

  • The GeoCIATTM Modular heat pump supplies hot water until 62°C, satisfying underfloor heating system, fan coil and low temperature radiator with ease for individual new or existing housings
  • Optional : allows the house to be cooled virtually free of charge, without requiring thermodynamic cycle to be switched on, produces domestic hot water or preheats swimming pools.

GeoCIATTM Modular is a simple brine water/water heat pump, efficient, it has been designed for an internal installation (laundry, boiler room, no freeze garage). Thanks to its clever design, KUB options (DHW tank, mixing tank, Geocooling, 2-zone kit) could be assembled with GeoCIATTM Modular heat pump without any visible connections to optimize space and enhance the aesthetics of a thermal installation.

GeoCIATTM Modular heat pump is compatible with different types of collection ; vertical loop, horizontal loop, groundwater loop (provide an exchanger  ITEX AGEO+ for an installation with groundwater loop).

Thanks to its efficient HomeConnect control, GeoCIATTM Modular heat pump meet the expectations of its users.
HomeConnect wireless (radio IO Homecontrol®). control station, to be installed in the living area, manages the different weekly programming for heating and DHW and displays the weather trend, outdoor temperature and operating times in heating and DHW mode too.

The ideal geothermal heat pump

  • Certified COP until 4.55 (0/-3°C 30/35°C) and until 6 (10/7°C 30/35°C)
  • Weekly programming for heating and DHW
  • Holiday mode with a programmable return date to switch on the DHW
  • Operates in silence : sound level behind 47 dB(A)
  • Accelerator pumps primary and secondary) with adjustable speed A-class

Technical aspects of G-KUB

  • 4 models
  • Water temperature outlet until +62°C
  • Heating capacity from 5 to 9kW
  • 50Hz-230V single phase and 50Hz-400V three-phased
  • 2 accelerator pump and2 integrated expansion tanks


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