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GeoCIAT Power glycol water/ water heat pump

GeoCIAT Power glycol water/ water heat pump
  • Indoor installation


  • Water outlet temperature up to +55°C


  • Geothermal heat pump designed for large individual homes
  domestic hot water Geocooling

The GeoCIATTM Power heat pump: an overview

  • The GeoCIATTM Power is the ideal geothermal heat pump for large individual homes
  • Optional: the GeoCIATTM Power heat pump cools the home with no additional consumption, produces domestic hot water or preheats swimming pools.

The GeoCIATTM Power heat pump delivers hot water up to 60°C, thereby meeting the requirements for underfloor heating, fan coil units and radiators in new or existing individual homes.

The GeoCIATTM Power is a simple, attractive, compact and efficient glycol/water mix heat pump designed for indoor installation (boiler room, laundry, frost-proof garage, etc.).

The GeoCIATTM Power heat pump is compatible with different types of collection; vertical loop, horizontal loop, ground water (use an additional ITEX AGEO+ heat exchanger for installation on ground water).

Thanks to its efficient HomeConnect control, the GeoCIATTM Power heat pump offers unrivalled comfort. The control station, which is installed in a room of the home, can be used to manage the various weekly heating and domestic hot water programs. HomeConnect also displays the weather trend and the outdoor temperature, as well as the consumption of the GeoCIATTM Power heat pump. This is all done wirelessly, with HomeConnect communicating by radio using the IO Homecontrol® protocol.

Technical specifications of the GeoCIATTM Power heat pump

  • 5 models
  • Hot water outlet temperature up to +60°C
  • Heating capacity from 12.5 to 27 kW
  • 2 accelerator pumps and 2 integrated expansion vessels
  • Terminal HomeConnect supplied with the standard unit
  • Energy class A+ to A++
  • Weekly programming of heating and domestic hot water
  • Absence mode with anticipated return option
  • Silent operation: sound power below 55 dB(A)



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