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standards & regulations

CIAT guarantees that our equipment meets new thermal regulations (European regulations on the thermal efficiency of new buildings) and contributes to sustainable development.

Environmentally-friendly solutions

CIAT's Comfort/Renewable Energy solutions allow you to benefit from the latest technological innovations. More environmentally-friendly installations use less energy while providing your customers with greater levels of comfort. Our compact and discrete units blend into any interior, leaving more space to enhance their well-being.

Reduced energy consumption at the heart of innovation

Thanks to free renewable energies, and using just 30 kW of electricity, CIAT's comprehensive solutions generate 100 kW or more of power for heating and air conditioning. Revolutionary.

Enhanced air quality

Our filtration and contaminant elimination systems are among the most innovative currently on the market. They ensure that your customers and employees breathe in healthy, uncontaminated air.
Guaranteed maintenance and operation
Quality is the underlying philosophy at CIAT. This is the reason why our equipment is designed with easy maintenance in mind. A long service life is, of course, also guaranteed. Nothing must detract from the comfort of your customers and employees.

Every CIAT product is designed and manufactured in accordance with the applicable regulations and standards, in particular the following:
  • European directives:

    • 98/37/EC relating to machinery,
    • 2004/108/EC relating to electromagnetic compatibility,
    • 97/23/EC relating to pressure equipment,
    • 94/9/EC relating to explosive atmospheres,
    • 2006/95/EC relating to low voltage,
  • International standard ISO 5801 on performance testing of industrial fans,
  • European standards:
    • EN 1886 on the mechanical performance of ventilation for buildings
    • EN 13053 on ratings and performance of building ventilation units,
    • EN 13779 on performance requirements for ventilation and room-conditioning systems in non-residential buildings,
    • EN 779 and 1822 on air filters for ventilation,
    • EN 1216 on the performance of air-cooling and air-heating coils,
    • EN 10169-1 on the strength of coil coatings,
    • EN 60204 on the safety of electrical equipment of machines,
    • EN ISO 12100 on the safety of machinery,
    • EN 378-2 on safety and environmental requirements for refrigerating systems and heat pumps,
    • EN ISO 7730 on thermal comfort in indoor environments,
    • EN 12101-3 on powered smoke and heat exhaust ventilators,
    • EN 1397 on test procedures for fan coil units,
    • EN 12102 on sound power levels of air conditioners and heat pumps,
    • EN 13313 on the competence of personnel working on refrigerating systems and heat pumps
    • EN 14511 on the testing of heat pumps
    • EN 12828 on the design for water-based heating systems,
  • French standard NF C 15-100 on low-voltage electrical installations,
  • French public health authority circular 97/311 on the disinfection of air conditioning systems.