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Air / water heat pump



  • Reversible packaged air/water heat pump
  • DC Inverter technology
  • Hydraulic module with variable speed accelerator pump and expansion vessel
  • Crankcase heater as standard,
  • Self-adjusting functions
  • R410A refrigerant
air/ water heat pump EREBA CIAT

Air / water heat pump

air/ water heat pump YUNA II CIAT



  • Split air/water heat pump
  • DC Inverter technology
  • Integrates electric back up, buffering capacity, expansion vessel
  • Crankcase heater as standard,
  • Self-adjusting functions
  • R410A refrigerant

Precision air handling cabinet

> Magister CW


  • Precision air handling cabinet designed for DATA CENTRES
  • Fan motor assembly with EC motor and integrated ModBus card
  • Sensible cooling capacity, optimised air flow
  • Very low electrical consumption
  • CIAT µAIR CONNECT2 control
CIAT Magister CW precision air handling cabinet

Glycol/water heat pump

G-NEO heat pump



  • Geothermal heat pump for new houses
  • DHW and Geocooling functions
  • Ultra-compact design and ultra-quiet
  • Available in 1 model
  • HomeConnect control

Domestic hot water heaters

> Saniciat 2


  • Instantaneous, semi-instantaneous or accumulation domestic hot water production module for residential, service sector, industrial and healthcare use.
  • 3 models available, domestic hot water flow rate up to 12.3 m3/h
  • Plug & Play unit
  • User-friendly regulation, featuring a simple interface for intuitive navigation
Saniciat 2

Air / water hybrid heat pump

air / water hybrid heat pump Aquaciat 2

> Aquaciat 2 Hybrid


  • ILDC + MG:Reversible heating and cooling with hydraulic system, without tank with an integrated condensation gas boiler
  • ILDH + MG:Reversible heating and cooling with complete hydraulic system and tank with an integrated condensation gas boiler
  • 8 models available
  • Packaged outdoor unit
  • Comfort all year round
  • Environmentally-friendly

Heat pump



  • Heating only (Geocooling available as an option)
  • 4 models from 5 to 9 kW
  • Water outlet temperature up to 62°C
  • NFPAC certification no. 414-849 (0/-3°C//30/35°C and 40/45°C)
  • Dimensions of cased module LxDxH: 685 x 760 x 1055 mm
G-KUB heat pump

Water chiller

water chiller Powerciat2

> Powerciat2


  • POWERCIAT2 LX - LXC series
  • High energy efficiency (HEE) class A version
  • Standard energy version (STD) class B
  • LX: water chiller without hydraulic system
  • LXC: water chiller with hydraulic circulation pump (optional buffer tank)
  • 9 models from size 2800X to 6400X for the standard version
  • 10 models from size 2500X to 4800X for High energy efficiency HEE  version
  • 3 sound levels available for both energy versions
  • High Efficiency (HEE) - Low Noise (HEELN) - Xtra Low Noise (HEEXLN) for the HEE version
  • Standard (STD) - Low Noise (STDLN) - Xtra Low Noise (STDXLN) for the standard version

Dynamic radiator

> Divio


  • Silent operation for integration into sleeping areas (< 35dB(A) in Auto mode and < 30dB(A) in reduced mode)
  • Very low electrical consumption (max 20W)
  • Equipped with HEE (High Energy Efficiency) motor
  • Particularly discreet thanks to its elegant and slim design (< 13 cm)
  • Equipped with an independent electronic controller with LED
  • Plug&Heat installation: ultra fast

Ductable units

comfort line

> Comfort Line


  • Comfort unit with high available static pressure
  • Reduced thickness of the smallest unit (215 mm), for suspended ceilings with less space
  • Flexible installation
  • Modular air supply configurations, thanks to our air diffusion offer
  • Particularly low sound level
  • Epure function filter for unique optimum air quality
  • High energy efficiency motor (option), for energy savings of up to 87%
  • Easy maintenance, with no need to remove the device, easy access to the fan motor assembly, air filter, hydraulic coil...

Compact dual flow air handling units

> Floway


  • Standalone dual-flow air handling unit that is both compact and quiet
  • Available in 4 models: Classic RHE, Classic, Vertical, Ceiling-mounted
  • Air flow rates: 300 to 8500 m3/h
  • State-of-the-art, high-efficiency heat recovery unit (efficiency of over 80% at nominal flow rate)
  • Possibility of energy recovery unit for “Classic” and “Classic RHE” models

    • Plate recovery unit for perfect airtightness between the air flows
    • Wheel recovery unit for optimum recovery all year round
  • Possibility of energy recovery unit for “Classic” and “Classic RHE” models
  • High-performance plug fan driven by an electronically commutated motor
  • Built-in control unit that runs all the components and features an intelligent design that incorporates Plug & Play technology
floway classic RHE