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Heating and cooling solutions for industrial sectors

The industry sector must deal with major ecological and economic challenges as the landscape drastically changes day by day. CIAT helps industrial companies to turn these challenges into truly strategic advantages.

From increasing the flexibility of facilities and drastically reducing operating costs, energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions, to adjusting capacity to actual demand, storing and recycling energy, decontamination, reducing noise and enhancing site and worker safety, CIAT ecodesign approach knows no bounds.

It is your guarantee of more economical, safer, and more environmentally friendly systems that meet current and future standards and boost your company’s competitive edge and performance. CIAT has risen to this challenge to make your success sustainable.


Cover all your installation needs to unlock total comfort

CIAT provides solutions that condition air to the nearest degree: ideal working environments at every season, control of the indoor air quality and absolute safety through controlled temperatures and humidity levels in highly-sensitive spaces such as industry. We are the architects of cost-effective, total comfort for all your heating, cooling, diffusion, purification, and heat recovery needs, from the conference room to the industrial workshop.

We ensure easy installation and integration with building management systems.

Support your production facility and industrial processes

CIAT lends its unique expertise in heat transfer engineering to allow you to heat or cool complex fluids at the heart of processes used in the chemical, petrochemical and paper manufacturing industries. We help you identify the best solutions to deliver the results you demand.

In the industry, low-temperature refrigeration requires dedicated components for specific installations. CIAT uses its solid understanding of cooling technologies to design and manufacture refrigeration heat exchangers entirely adapted to your processes. Installed in conventional circuits or cascade configurations, they continuously deliver high performance with each fluid used in our system solutions.


Improve industrial energy efficiency

CIAT develops energy efficient solutions allowing you to make substantial savings without compromising our product's efficiency.

For this purpose, we have control systems to monitor and regulate the energy expenditure. You can adapt your consumption and at the same time save costs. On the other hand, it allows energy optimization while maintaining high energy performance of the system. You can use our control systems on both side heating and cooling.

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