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Global system solutions for office buildings

Construction standards are increasingly stringent. Buildings must be designed with the comfort of occupants in mind and with the aim to protect their health equity while reducing energy consumption and environmental impacts.

CIAT responds with a constant commitment to offer more than cost-effective and sustainable solutions that enhance the value of your customer’s spaces. They deliver exceptional comfort to create perfect indoor environments and optimize working conditions to the extent of protecting the health of employees.


Enhance the life of the building with comfort

Adapted to every application CIAT solutions are more effective at ensuring the wellbeing of occupants, particularly thanks to Coanda diffusion, the ease of integration, and the low energy consumption level.

CIAT is renowned for the high quality of its products, their thermal and acoustic comfort, and the efficiency of its indoor air quality management systems, thereby ensuring the comfort and productivity of the building’s occupants.


Rely on simplicity for your building management system

CIAT solutions facilitate the installation and integration of products and save you time. They fit into the life of the building in a sustainable way, thanks to our smart centralized building management system.


Enable building high energy efficiency

With energy optimization constantly in mind, CIAT offers global solutions with a low carbon footprint which go beyond energy savings per product and the notion of kWh consumed.

The intelligence of the global system enables us to support you in your projects which present very demanding requirements in terms of energy and low consumption.

We offer a full range of equipment optimized to work together: water chillers and heat pumps with a high coefficient of performance, dual flow air handling units with heat recovery, High Energy Efficiency (HEE) comfort units and centralized building management.

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