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CIAT launches its newest range of rooftop packaged units: VectiosPower TM, the all-in-one air conditioning solution


VectiosPOWER TM is a new generation of rooftop air conditioning packaged units, designed to offer high levels of indoor air quality and full efficiency as well as reduce the total cost of ownership during its lifetime. The new range covers capacities from 100 to 310 kW with airflow up to 54 000m3/h, thus complementing the existing lower capacity Vectios rooftop range (from 20 to 90 kW).

CIAT is a part of Carrier Global Corporation (NYSE: CARR), a leading global provider of healthy, safe and sustainable building and cold chain solutions.

CIAT strives to help customers meet their highest environmental commitments with a focus on providing units that are more efficient and environmentally responsible. The VectiosPOWER TM units exceed Ecodesign 2021 requirements by up to 38% and have a Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER) of up to 4.88 (up to 50% energy savings compared to the previous range in cooling mode) and Seasonal Coefficient of Performance (SCOP) of up to 3.44 (around 15% energy savings versus the previous range in heating mode).

Designed to reduce energy consumption to the minimum, the unit features a free-cooling option for additional energy savings of up to 30%, energy recovery from extraction air options through an additional refrigeration circuit or rotary wheel, low pressure filters, on-demand ventilation and other energy recovery systems.

The brand-new range can meet the needs of an extensive scope of applications, from large areas in supermarkets, cinemas, logistics or industrial process to food storage in large facilities, with one of the largest portfolios of options in the market.

The VectiosPOWER TM rooftop units provide high reliability as a result of a robust qualification process and performance certified by Eurovent and rated at industry standard testing conditions. Thanks to design optimisation and use of lightweight aluminium panels, the unit offers up to 25% weight reduction and up to 10% footprint reduction to ensure easy installation regardless of the space available.

To answer the most stringent requirements, the unit guarantees low noise level during operation with a reduction of 7dB(A) in radiated power sound level versus the previous range.

"Beyond performance and versatility, we have designed the VectiosCIAT VectiosPOWER TM range to contribute to a healthier environment," said Natividad Molero, Product Manager, Rooftop, CIAT HVAC Europe. "The unit features the latest indoor air quality technologies, such as increased ventilation, highly efficient filtration, CO2 sensors and advanced air flow control. CIAT’s expertise in indoor air quality is perfectly combined with the latest rooftop technologies."

To learn more about the CIAT VectiosPOWER TM, visit the product page.

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