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Disassembling and assembling an AHU on site

Events and cultural centre
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Project description

As part of the renovation of an events and cultural centre in Le Mans (72), we were contacted in December 2022 to replace a 75,000 m3/h CLIMACIAT POWER® air handling unit (AHU) and its extractor, located in the machine room in the second basement of the site.

An on-site visit was organised to take the necessary measures, locate the air intakes and create the schedule. Upon receipt of the customer's order, production of the AHU began in our factory with delivery scheduled for the end of April 2023.

A major obstacle was encountered on the site, in that it was not possible to take the units through the main entrance, which was too narrow. The technical solution identified by the CIAT team involved disassembling and assembling the AHU on site, despite the challenge of transporting the coils through a narrow opening.

The operation was successfully performed with the help of our installation supplier, the end customer and the erector. The assembly and disassembly operations on the AHU and the extractor were performed in record time and without disrupting the other renovation works under way at the site. The cooperation and shared technical expertise of the parties involved guaranteed the success of this complex project.

The project demonstrated CIAT's ability to meet specific space requirements and to provide comprehensive support services, specifically in terms of transportation and assistance with disassembly and assembly on site.


At CIAT, we are experts in supporting our customers from initial contact up to start-up of the system on site, guaranteeing the success of their projects even under the most demanding conditions with significant transportation and sizing constraints.

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