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Hello World – Schiphol Trade Park (Netherlands)

In collaboration with Loohuis Installatiegroep, CIAT has given Schiphol Trade Park new wings with a new installation of 16 CIAT rooftop units, taking the HVAC installation to new heights.

Project description

Hello World is an exceptional example of environmentally conscious construction. The project was implemented by Systabo on behalf of Delta Development and VolkerWessels Logistics Development, with the aim of creating high-quality business spaces for various activities.

The building embraces the cradle-to-cradle philosophy, is fitted with 8000 solar panels and is BREEAM-certified as Excellent. It is an energy positive building and, according to the CO2 calculations, should be fully CO2-neutral from 2024. It is estimated to offset as much as 18,000 tonnes of CO2 by 2050. CIAT worked in collaboration with Loohuis Installatiegroep for the HVAC installation, supplying 16 CIAT Vectios rooftop units which perfectly align with Hello World's sustainable vision. The rooftop units have a Product Environmental Profile (PEP) type III certification and are 91% recyclable. They're also extremely efficient and contribute to energy savings.


Project leader Leo Prinsen from Loohuis Installatiegroep, summarised the project with these words: "Right from the beginning of the project, and all the way through implementation, it was clear that this was a good collaboration with good support." Grinning, CIAT project manager Patrick Jonkers added, "Working together for a good goal, that's why we do it."


Challenges and solutions

The project presented a number of specific challenges and the resulting solution succeeded in:

  • Plug-and-play design: Making the placement of the rooftop units easy.
  • Efficiency: Two rooftops keep a rentable unit of 100 x 45 x 12.2 m at temperature.
  • Energy savings: All-electric solution combined with 8000 solar panels.

Learn more

Find the project available in the PDF version.
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