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Cristo'Control2 for plant rooms with storage systems

Advanced control and monitoring solution to manage and optimise cooling plants with energy storage.

Achieve and maintain the best overall energetical and economical performances of your installation with a storage system thanks to our control and remote monitoring system: Cristo'Control2.
It automatically manages the operation modes and regulates the heating and cooling system controlling all the equipment of your storage installation.

Regulation and remote monitoring of your energy storage systems

Our experts of Vence center of excellence design, manufacture and market Cristo'Control2 and commission it on site, taking into account the specificities of each installation.

The Cristo'Control2 is designed to optimize the use of thermal energy storage and to monitor the performance of the installation.
It ensures the best use of the electrical energy consumed by the chillers by shifting their operation from peak electrical demand to off-peak period.
Easy to install and easy to use, with a touch interface allowing rapid overviews of the system operations. Our monitoring platform allows to remotely monitor the operation of all the installations controlled by a Cristo'Control2.

The Cristo'Control2 helps contractors and owners to optimize energy consumption, to lower the CO2 and greenhouse gas emissions and to reduce operating costs.

Boost your energy savings thanks to the Cristo'Control2

Cristo'Control2 provides the end user with the benefits of a turnkey solution using standard durably manufactured hardware with the possibility of adapting the solution in accordance with customer requirements and increasing energy prices, our experts can remotely adapt the program of the Cristo'Control2 to respond to the operator or the customer.


Cristo'Control2: Regulation & monitoring

Cristo'Control2 automatically manages the modes of operation, regulates the system controlling each part of the energy production: chillers or heat pumps, cooling towers, valves, pumps...

It also manages alarms, faults and deviations, state of equipment and operating parameters and can transfer this information to the BMS (Modbus or other optional protocoles like LON, BACnet...) and by remote monitoring using its communication modem (ADSL, LAN, PSTN or 4G).


Monitoring website

On website, the overall operation of the system, the performance of the installation, the various operating equipment, the alarms, faults, deviations and changing needs can be monitored.
It also allows easy access to graphs, dashboards and energy assessment based on recorded data.

Vence center of excellence offers service contracts to assist customers to run their installation efficiently.

Auto-adaptative Management module

The Cristo'Control2 auto-adaptative management module optimizes daily the use of energy charge in the STL and favours its discharge whatever the conditions or seasons.
For this, Cristo'Control2 forecasts the demand for the day ahead based on the previous records and permanently adapts the operation of the installation in order to maximize the use of the STL energy.


Improve the energy efficiency of your system

  • A turnkey solution.
  • Flexible solutions according to your needs and rising energy costs.
  • Optimizes the use of thermal energy storage and boosts the performance of the installation.
  • Reduction of electricity bill, operatings cost and carbon footprint of the system by shifting electrical consumption from peak period to off-peak period when electricity is produced with a higher efficiency.

Premium service contract: assistance, monitoring, follow up and energy report

Our team of experts is available to advise the maintenance company to use the Cristo'Control2, to adjust the parameters for obtaining the correct operation of the installation after the commissioning.

Beyond this period, the maintenance company or the end user can subscribe to our premium contract service which includes:

  • Free replacement of Cristo'Control2 parts which may be defective.
  • The access to our hotline dedicated to our customers to benefit from the advice of engineers.
  • Once a year, remote checking by our experts of the Cristo'Control2 system, followed by a summary report.
  • Immediate acknowledgement of any reported problems concerning Cristo'Control2 operation with rapid intervention (maximum 3 working days) by our experts to make a diagnosis.
  • The access to maintenance support functions from the Cristo'Control2 panel.
  • Access to monitoring services.

Choose the expertise of our engineers team to support, manage and monitor daily your storage facility.

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