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BluEdge - Operate, Service & Protect

Operate, service & protect

A plan that ensures your equipment’s peak performance during its entire lifecycle.

Our full spectrum service and maintenance offering gives total peace of mind for building owners and managers. Organizations both large and small trust us to look after their buildings and HVAC needs, ensuring reliable, efficient, cost-effective buildings that are comfortable to live and work in.

We have a choice of service levels, enabling you to tailor the level of cover exactly to your needs and budget.
We create a plan that ensures your equipment's peak performance during all its lifecycle.

Find the service that suits you best
BluEdge - Commissioning
Our factory-trained engineers provide expert commissioning to ensure your plant operates correctly from day one.
BluEdge - Maintenance
Benefit from our expertise as part of preventative, corrective and predictive maintenance.
BluEdge - Repairs
Repair or replacement of moving parts and maintainable components that may have failed unexpectedly.
BluEdge - Replacing components
Parts & accessories
High spare parts quality to ensure the reliability and durability of your equipment.
BluEdge - Modernization
Securing operation through your product lifecycle.
BluEdge - Supporting you in the long term
Your equipment is controlled and optimized 24 hours a day.