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BluEdge - Maintenance


Benefit from our expertise as part of preventative, corrective and predictive maintenance.
BluEdge - Maintaining your HVAC plant

Maintaining your HVAC plant

We are specialized in maintaining CIAT HVAC plant and all other brands of equipment you may have on site. This includes air conditioning split systems, VRV/VRF, roof-top units, air handling units (AHUs) and control systems.

Preventive maintenance ensures that plant is kept in tip-top condition all-year-round, avoiding unforeseen breakdowns with all the attendant cost and productivity issues. Our maintenance contracts are flexible and designed to meet the requirements of different building types and budgets.

Getting the most of your equipment

Optimizing building services plant is the key to ensuring high performance, high efficiency buildings. We ensure plant operates intelligently, communicating fluently and seamlessly, and taking account where appropriate of environmental conditions.

Our engineers are skilled in assessing and identifying opportunities to optimize performance, delivering savings in running costs, reduced emissions and a more productive environment for building occupants.

Legal compliance

Legislation relating to buildings, plant performance and safety, is complex and constantly changing. Our expert technicians and engineers are fully trained to ensure compliance with all relevant standards and regulations, giving you complete peace of mind.

BluEdge - Replacing components

Replacing components

As the original manufacturer, we supply genuine factory spare parts for CIAT products, guaranteeing you reliable, first-time fix for repairs and restoration to original factory-performance. We also stock and supply original specification consumables.

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Why choosing us to maintain your HVAC Plant

  • We are the experts in CIAT and other-brand equipment
  • Our service technicians are fully trained to the highest industry standards
  • We ensure complete compliance with all regulatory requirements
  • We optimize your plant for efficiency and reduced running costs
  • Our planned maintenance ensures continuity of HVAC performance and avoids unplanned breakdowns
  • We provide a rapid response in the event of equipment breakdown
  • Original factory-quality spare parts ensure reliability and performance
  • We maintain the comfort of building occupants to ensure tenants remain happy and satisfied
  • We can help devise and deliver a total energy conservation strategy, to reduce your costs and help

BluEdge service tiers

There are varying tiers to suit your requirements, whether for a single building or a national estate*:


An economical solution for customers with IoT-enabled equipment that collects real-time data to improve staff efficiency and reduce unplanned downtime.


Complete preventive maintenance and technical expertise including proactive monitoring of health, efficiency and performance with actionable insights to identify opportunities for reducing operating costs and avoiding failures.


Our Elite plan is the ultimate worry-free, peace of mind program for clients. Realizing building comfort, efficiency and operational goals with CIAT turn-key solutions powered by predictive analytics and OEM expertise.

*Check your local website for the detailed offer in your country.

Find the service that suits you best
BluEdge - Commissioning
Our factory-trained engineers provide expert commissioning to ensure your plant operates correctly from day one.
BluEdge - Repairs
Repair or replacement of moving parts and maintainable components that may have failed unexpectedly.
BluEdge - Replacing components
Parts & accessories
High spare parts quality to ensure the reliability and durability of your equipment.
BluEdge - Modernization
Benefit from our expertise as part of preventative, corrective and predictive maintenance.