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CIAT is able to offer a tailor-made range of heating ventilation and air conditioning solutions that meet your needs and bring you a complete solution.

In logistics environment, flexibility and connectivity are required. Our complete solutions, fitted with the adapted controls can also be supported by the remote supervision which ensures a greater peace-of-mind to manage your temperature easily. It is also proven that ensuring occupant’s comfort create a more productive work environment.


Your challenges

  • Ensure best comfort conditions through airflow control optimization for adequate air diffusion, and adaptation different ducts like textile ones.
  • Reduce operational costs and environmental impact providing the best ratio between airflow and capacity.
  • Prevent stratifications considering the large dimensions and height in logistic installations.
  • Ensure a safe and easy maintenance on the unit and facilitate installation.

Our solutions

To enhance occupant’s experience

Creating healthier, people-centered environments can not only promote health but also enhance the work performance of building occupants.

To guarantee a peace-of-mind

Benefit from an easy maintenance with a complete service offering, such as IAQ assessments, wellness services, retro-commissioning... CIAT BluEdge® service platform is your guarantee for peace-of-mind.

To save your energy

High environmental responsibility with high seasonal efficiency and additional features reduces energy consumption to the minimum levels.

To control and manage temperature

Ensuring adequate temperature and humidity levels is essential to provide the highest level of comfort. We are increasingly being reimagined to support the health and well-being of occupant’s comfort.

Looking for best-in-class services?

BluEdge service overview
A complete service solutions offer, for a total peace of mind.
BluEdge - Operate, Service & Protect
Operate, service and protect
We create a plan that ensures your equipment's peak performance during all its lifecycle.