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Compliance with standards and respect for the environment

CIAT pursues an exemplary quality approach to developing sustainable and efficient systems which conform to the standards of today and anticipate those of tomorrow.

The energy related products (ErP) European directive

The European directive 2009/125/CE ErP outlines the conditions and criteria relating to the ecodesign of products that affect energy consumption throughout their life cycle, from manufacture, to use and until disposal at end of life. It encourages manufacturers to design products that improve energy efficiency while reducing their overall impact on the environment, in particular the resources consumed throughout their service life.

CIAT’s commitment to limit its impact on environment is in line with the targets of the European climate and energy package for 2030.


Ecodesign: results that exceeds the regulatory requirements of tomorrow, today

At CIAT we strive to reduce the ecological impact of our equipment throughout its life cycle, from creation to final decommissioning.

  • We integrate environmental aspects as early as possible in the product design process;
  • We take into account and make available the results of the life cycle analyses (LCA) for products (complete system for heating, ventilation and cooling);
  • We provide environmental reports related to the equipment.

This approach benefits from an internationally recognised standard ISO 14062 "Environmental Management - integrating environmental aspects into product design and product development".

F-gas regulations

Since January 1st 2015, the measures to control emissions from fluorinated greenhouse gases have been strengthened and a number of far-reaching changes have been introduced with a view to cutting the EU’s F-gas emissions by two-thirds by 2030 compared with 2014 levels.