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Frequently Asked Questions

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The free-cooling option makes use of favorable ambient and load conditions, harnessing 'free' cooling from the environment to augment or replace mechanical cooling via the chiller's compressors, reducing energy consumption and running costs.
The heat recovery system enables chillers to produce domestic hot water at up to 80deg C, while continuing to provide cooling, useful for applications such as hotels, hospitals and industrial processes requiring hot water.
The documentation is available on this website from the product pages and from the dedicated website:
Indoor air quality(IAQ)
At CIAT, air quality rests on a number of key principles: the elimination of contaminants, control of legionella and bacteria in water, condensate disposal and fresh air management. Using these four pillars, we are able to:
  • Effectively fight against airborne nosocomial diseases,
  • Control airborne biological contamination,
  • Ensure excellent indoor air quality by reducing particulate pollution, such as PM 2.5,
  • Guarantee improved hygiene by removing condensates.
Our knowledge of microbiological, particulate and chemical pollutants in the air enables us to design solutions which fully comply with current regulations (NF S 90-351, VDI 6022).
Renowned today for the high indoor air quality it delivers, CIAT is committed to ensuring you enjoy excellent levels of comfort. Thanks to our unique systems, we control the minimum and maximum temperatures, the relative humidity level and the air circulation speed. The comfort test bed in our CIAT R&I Centre enables us to recreate the actual conditions of a room or consultation office. As a result, we can create full-scale simulations according to the ISO 7730 standard and guarantee you enjoy a comfortable indoor environment.

Our COMFORT LINE and COADIS LINE product ranges guarantee a high level of comfort for our customers.

Our BluEdge service platform offers indoor air quality assessments audits, to test air quality and implement upgrades to help ensure optimal filtration, ventilation, airflow and controls. After the building assessment, a Carrier expert will review the results and recommendations with you, to propose you the most adapted solutions. Retrofits for upgraded filtration (UVC lights, HEPA filters,..) and controls (IAQ monitoring,…) can be included into service plans.

Warranty coverage and its details are driven by legal requirement in each European country. Please contact your local representative.
Warranty extension is always possible, your local representative is able to propose it.
The serial number of the units or equipment can be found on all nameplates fixed on them.
You can buy spare parts online:
You can request your access directly on the website, select your spare parts, access exploded views, references, stock, and prices 24 hours a day.
We have more than 10,000 items in stock, we propose a comprehensive parts offer including compressors, universal parts, and manufactured components
  • Spare parts authorized by our factories
  • Universal parts
  • Critical spare parts solutions
  • Advice on parts
Filters change or cleaning is depending on the running hours of the installation and its environment. Your local representative will help you to find the right timing.
BluEdge is a best-in-class service and aftermarket offering exclusively for our customers and partners. Leveraging our history of innovation and deep product expertise, BluEdge gives customers confidence that they’re covered by a team that digitally monitors and delivers expert service throughout the life cycle of their solutions.
We have a choice of service levels, enabling you to tailor the level of cover exactly to your needs and budget. From basic to full coverage, our CORE, ENHANCE and ELITE tiers are designed to fit your needs.

CORE: an economical solution for customers with IoT-enabled equipment that collects real time data to improve staff efficiency and reduce unplanned downtime.

ENHANCE: complete preventative maintenance and technical expertise including proactive monitoring of health, efficiency and performance with actionable insights to identify opportunities for reducing operating costs and avoiding failures.

ELITE: Our Elite plan is the ultimate worry-free, peace of mind program for clients. Achieving building comfort, efficiency and operational goals with Carrier turn-key solutions powered by predictive analytics and OEM expertise.

Our BluEdge service platform is proposing different maintenance offers according to your needs:

Annual preventative maintenance: our technicians perform thorough maintenance that ensures longevity of your equipment. Cooling and heating start-up services ensure optimal seasonal performance.

Preventative maintenance: receive more frequent preventative maintenance outside of the standard preventative maintenance schedules based on individual equipment requirements and needs. Examples include but are not limited to coil cleaning, tube brushing, filter changes, and more.

On-site predictive maintenance: advanced on-site diagnostic service options expose hidden problems before they become emergency issues and schedule repairs at times most convenient for you.

The CS Box, available in all our units communicating in CCN (NE) or ModBus allows to connect to a remote connectivity solution.
We service all equipment.
We have extensive experience servicing all major heating, ventilation, and cooling manufacturers’ equipment.
Our BluEdge service team supports you in the long term and is committed to providing you with quality services, while respecting our sustainable development approach.

We offer quality: our technicians have the best technical and technological means to offer you a quality of service that extends the reliability of our equipment and systems.

A team of experts at your service: all our professionals, our network of technicians in Europe are continuously trained.

The BluEdge service team provides you with a range of services in line with your needs and our work values, which combine the know-how of our teams, the quality and innovation of our technical resources, as well as high efficiency.
CIAT chose the R-32 refrigerant which is able to improve performance and reduce direct greenhouse gas emissions by up to 77%, compared to the previous range using R-410A refrigerant on air-cooled heat-pump and chiller range.

R-454B refrigerant has been selected as the optimum solution for use in rooftop applications. With a global warming potential (GWP) of 466, R-454B's overall carbon footprint is more than 80% lower than HFC R-410A, the refrigerant it replaces.

Our BluEdge service team is now able to give you information about units able to be retrofitted with an environmentally sustainable refrigerant. Service Team has started a development to be able to retrofit all equipments in the near future.
  • By choosing a unit with a low global warming potential (GWP) refrigerant
  • By using the free-cooling and heat recovery option (The heat recovery system enables chillers to produce domestic hot water at between 65-80deg C, while continuing to provide cooling, useful for applications such as hotels, hospitals and industrial processes requiring hot water).
  • With our advanced control solution, we help you to improve energy efficiency up to 25%, by optimizing pumps, fans, and controls.
The European Ecodesign directive aims to support the design of products which combine energy efficiency and the sustainable use of resources. The objectives are:
  • 32,5% energy efficiency improvement
  • -40% greenhouse gas emission
  • 32% share of renewable energy
For more details, you can download our Ecodesign brochure.

SEPR (Water chiller indicator, process application):
Energy calculation for a typical cooling process application in average climate conditions: annual cooling demand (kWh)/annual energy consumption (kWh)

SEER (Water chiller indicator, comfort application):
Energy calculation for a typical cooling comfort application in average climate conditions: annual cooling demand (kWh)/annual energy consumption (kWh)

SCOP (Heat pump indicator, all applications):
Energy calculation for a typical heating comfort application in average climate conditions: annual heating demand (kWh)/annual energy consumption (kWh)

In order to reduce greenhouse gases, the European "F-Gas" regulation intends to gradually phase out the use of certain refrigerant fluids used in chiller installations by 2030.

Domestic air conditioning and comfort:

  • Portable air conditioning and standalone hermetic portable air conditioning units: refrigerant fluids with GWP ≥ 150 banned in 2020
  • Air-conditioning heat pumps and split units with a charge < 3 kg: refrigerant fluids with GWP ≥ 750 banned in 2025

Food cold chain:

  • Fixed refrigeration equipment (excluding applications < -50 °C): refrigerant fluids with GWP ≥ 2500 banned in 2020
  • Multipack centralized refrigeration systems (rated cooling capacity ≥ 40 kW): refrigerant fluids with GWP ≥ 150 banned in 2022
Yes, our BluEdge service team is able to handle this requirement.