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Discover our dedicated solutions for each market
CIAT has a unique expertise in indoor air quality and biocontamination control.
CIAT offers specific solutions to improve customer comfort and optimise energy consumption in hospitality.
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What efficiency means to CIAT
Trustworthy and committed, we're free spirits and real 'solution designers', making us a singular partner for singular needs. A partner who, beyond innovative technology in air treatment, guarantees efficiency recognised at all levels thanks to a relationship focused on basic human needs: support, availability, listening.
Looking for best-in-class services?
BluEdge service overview
A complete service solutions offer, for a total peace of mind.
BluEdge - Operate, Service & Protect
Operate, service and protect
We create a plan that ensures your equipment's peak performance during all its lifecycle.
BluEdge - Supporting you in the long term

Your equipment is controlled and optimised 24 hours a day.
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Visit our spare parts e-commerce website
You will find more than 10,000 spare parts in stock.
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