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Why partner with us ?

Partnership is at the heart of what we do as a team to provide the best solutions for your projects.

Why partner with us ?

Expand your customer offering
Deliver innovative solutions
Enhance your service proposition
Increase profitability
Win more business

The spirit of partnership

Partnership is the life blood behind Carrier Advantage. The club is designed to share best practise, facilitate learning, expand your portfolio and help you drive and win new business. Take advantage of the ever evolving nature of the growing HVAC industry and turn to the experts.

You will get the benefit of:

  • A Proven Track Record including Carrier, the inventor of modern air conditioning and CIAT, a European leader in indoor air quality.
  • Close Working Relationships and widespread networks with European leading factories and high quality teams and personnel taking you through A -Z.
  • A Complete End to End Solution offering two complementing brands in conjunction with sector specific expertise.
  • Efficiency proven technology recognised for reliability, predictive maintenance and adherence to regulation.
  • Backed by significant investments in R&D, Carrier supports Partners to expand their businesses by developing new tailor-made solutions and mastering efficiencies once never thought possible.

Key deliverables

  • Accreditations
  • Training
  • Retrospective rebates
  • Enhanced warranty
  • Rewards scheme

Your journey to mastering efficiency

Carrier Advantage is built to grow with your business whilst on your path to mastering efficiency. Split into 3 tiers of Silver,Gold & Platinium, the programme framework is designed with you in mind, with each tier delivering a comprehensive suite of benefits and deliverables provided only to our most valued customers and designed to truly drive your business to the next level.



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