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For safer indoor air quality. HVAC equipment is part of an overall approach to helping maintain indoor air quality standards and protect against the spread of diseases.
Indoor air quality has now become a key challenge for building owners and managers. Our indoor environment must be preserved, protected, and made reliable. Together, we share the same ambition, helping to support the health and well-being of others. We call our approach #CIAT4life.

#CIAT4life : 4 foundational pillars



At the centre of our relationship, to guarantee that your result is optimal and lasting.


Expert solutions that meet the demands specific to your sites.


Providing effective help at each stage, whatever your project.


Reliable and efficient technology and commissioning that have repeatedly proven themselves.

IAQ experts

To ensure you are provided with the right solutions, CIAT experts will work alongside you from conception and throughout the implementation of your project.

They will analyse your specifications, and thanks to their expertise and specific software designed by our engineers, they will provide you with the optimum solution to meet your requirements.

The importance of indoor air quality

of our time is spent inside (workplace, school, residence, transport)1
ciat-icon-8times 8 times
more pollution indoors compared to outside1
€20 bn
is the estimated cost of caring for issues related to poor indoor air quality (headaches, allergies, asthma…)1
of buildings face indoor air quality issues2

1. France Public Health 2. Interior Air Quality Observatory

CIAT4life capabilities


Safe start services

  • Ensure building is ready for occupancy
  • Rigorous recommissioning of HVAC equipment
  • Implement best practices (possibly remotely)

IAQ advice

  • Test air quality
  • Develop and implement upgrades for optimal filtration, ventilation, airflow, controls, etc.
  • Develop corporate-wide IAQ standards

Indoor air quality (IAQ) upgrades

Advanced airside systems

  • Indoor air quality monitoring
  • Follow up of the level of pollutants
  • Thermal and filtration adaptation

Filtration and purification

  • High efficiency PM 2.5 filtration
  • Carbon filter effective against VOCs and odors
  • UV-C lights to minimise spread of bacteria and viruses (air handling units and rooftops)
  • VDI 6022 certification (CLIMACIAT Airaccess, Airtech, Airclean)
  • DIN 1946 certification (CLIMACIAT Airtech)

IAQ control monitoring

  • Efficiency and IAQ monitoring systems
  • Temperature and humidity control devices
  • Remote control systems for predictive maintenance
  • Real-time display for IAQ parameters

Air handling units

  • Fresh air management
  • Airflow control
  • Heat recovery options


  • Free cooling option
  • CO2 double level control
  • Carbon filters


Predictive maintenance

  • Remote connection through BMS to manage IAQ and ventilation in line with best practices
  • Make changes and fix issues remotely
  • Optimise maintenance and operational costs
  • 24 x 7 command center

Supervision / Remote energy management

  • Provide advanced remote analytics
  • Optimise energy efficiency, equipment uptime, occupant comfort and operational productivity
  • Actionable insights by different communication protocols
  • Optimise autonomously or through a remote application

Retrofit spare parts solutions

  • M5 filters
  • 1300 references of air filters to cover all sizes / filtration needs
  • UV-C lights + carbon surface & F7 filtering technology