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AHU & AC refurbishment

We offer services to refurbish existing units. This can help to reduce plant replacement costs as well as assisting in reducing annual operating costs.

AHU & Packaged AC Refurbishment

In some cases, it makes sense to consider refurbishing plant rather than replacing with new. CIAT UK offers a comprehensive refurbishment option, that restores existing plant to an as-new condition and optimises performance and efficiency on the process.

Refurbishment is carried out on-site and can support the reduction in costs compared to the alternative of replacing a plant. It can also reduce additional onsite expenses associated with lifting equipment, possible road closures and access restrictions.

We provide itemised quotations, enabling essential works to be carried out first, followed by staged improvement works to the HVAC equipment.

Phasing of work reduces disruption to buildings and occupants on site, and helps clients budget by staging payments. There may also be savings in running costs, which will continue to accrue, as a result of replacing older components with efficient modern equivalents.

CIAT UK Refurbishment services includes replacement of casework, gas burners, cooling coils, heat recovery, and the provision of higher grade filters or fans.

For more details, contact:

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